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Original Multi Course Cuisine

Our chef puts a lot of thought into creating menu everyday. The original Japanese-style multi course cuisine using lots of local and seasonal ingredients. Dishes are cooked in the way which can be the most out of ingredients. Also those are highly paid attention in terms of food safety.
You can choose either the standard course (7560 JPY) or the deluxe course (10800 JPY)

?Sample Menu of Japanese-style Multi Course Cuisine ?
  • Aperitif : Homemade aperitif
  • Appetizer : Okura and grated yam with steamed abalone
  • Appetizer : Seasonal appetizer
  • Soup-type appetizer : Sillaginidae dressed with powered arrowroot
  • Raw Fish Slice Plate :  Seasonal seafoods from Sagakan port
  • Stewed dishes : Stewed pleuronectidae
  • Grilled Dish : Japanese spiny lobster grilled with a sea urchin
  • Deep fried dish : Fried stonefish
  • Cooked dish : Roasted Japanese beef with Japanese jelly souse
  • Side dish : Hikobae rice, Akadashi Miso soup, Homemade pickles
  • Dessert : Today's dessert